This Little Box…

This little box contains 2 things essentially -Thoughts and Time ,both mine and yours. For me , time is spent typing my stream of consciousness in an attempt to share something relevant with you that may be useful to you. For you , time is spent reading and considering what has been put before you for your  consideration and to hopefully provoke thoughts of your own..Therefore , given  the fact that I took time to write these things down and you have given YOUR time to read them  , then we are connected in this little box …. Here –  we share a moment in time and what I share with you MUST be worthy of your time or I have wasted both of ours…

Time is an extraordinarily complicated  facet of our lives. It was created by God to put forth life into motion , and to help us keep track of that life and its events and ultimately  , To give order and purpose… It was set in motion by Him and will only be stopped BY HIM when the TIME of HIS choosing has come.. Our great God in his wisdom didn’t give man the authority to rule over time ( imagine the mess we’d have if he did!) but rather gave him the ability to think ,reason and act on each moment as it’s presented to us. You see, we can never get a moment back once it has come , you only have 1 shot at it while its new … As soon as it comes –  because as quickly as it comes , it also goes and becomes the past . Even as I type this , and you read it – these small fragments of time are gone.. So let me get to my point and not waste the most precious commodity we have since we don’t really know how much of it we have been afforded…

We all have people that we care for and love in our lives. Our family…our friends…. I dare say that we have many people who we fight for or even die for if necessary . With that thought in mind , given only 1 hour of time left with them – how would you spend it?  I can t speak for you , but for me , it would certainly not be spent bickering over the trivial things  …nor would it be filled with “fluff ” or words that sound pretty and just take up “time”.. That last hour would be spent with them sharing with them, especially if I had not shared with them ,  the Gospel of Christ – This would be the PRIORITY. There is nothing more important than THIS…. NOTHING. You may be reading this and if you also believe that to be true or not , either way I urge you to consider one or both of these questions –

If you are a Christian already , you know that there is no other way to God  than naming the name of Jesus Christ proclaiming your faith in him, repenting of your sins and then dying to your old self in Baptism ,rising again  from the water a new creature in HIM  and living faithfully and obediently as possible for the rest of your life ( John 14:6 , Mark 16:16 ,Acts 2:36-42 , James 2:14-26 , 1 Peter 1 :13-25 and I could go on..) And so being a Christian you also know besides the importance of this message ,  the urgency of it because of TIME.. It says in Proverbs 27:1 that we are not promised tomorrow …

So why then? Why do we not tell our loved ones TODAY of this message? Why do we avoid  telling those closest to us that haven’t obeyed the Gospel of Christ about it? Are we afraid that it will end the friendship or make things “weird”?  Are we embarrassed or ashamed of it?…

A better question might be , do you REALLY love them at ALL? If you believe the Gospel is the most important thing to share with someone and yet you don’t share it – what does that REALLY say about your LOVE for them… A better question yet might be, How much do you have to HATE someone NOT to share the Gospel with them?…

It’s a harsh thought and my intention is not to offend or accuse ,  but  only to make us think while we are inside this little box together , so that we can ACT outside of it….

People are going to die without the Gospel of Christ. People are dying right now with out it. Don’t let it be people you LOVE , much less anyone you come in contact with… ” Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”(Matthew 28:18-20 ESV) …. This doesn’t say “Preacher Go” … it simply says “GO” and the implication is “NOW” because time is limited as I have already stressed…. If you are a believer ,  then you have work to do…

IF you are NOT a believer , then now comes my second question that I spoke of earlier –  Why Not?

I have just briefly just shared the  Gospel of Christ with you in a very small and simple sense…Much more can be expounded on , but would need to take place outside of this box. IF the evidence I presented is enough, please consider what has been shared between us and please , I beg you act upon it… IF you require further study then please  ,please contact me either by message here or email or phone and allow me the pure privilege of sharing more with you the Good news about Christ and how much he loved and still loves  us all ..  I promise not to waste ANY of your , or my time…..All of my contact info is available  –

I have used the space inside this little box for quite a while to engage in a moment in time with anyone who may read my ramblings , in hopes of  encouraging  some , provoking others just to think but always to offer an invitation to study the bible with me. While a few have accepted that invitation ,by the worlds standards I have been a failure…but its not about numbers.. It’s about LOVE.

God loved us enough to die for us , so we can spend eternity with him…  Because I love HIM I also have an unfeigned love for all people  –  so I will continue to offer the same invitation to study today , tomorrow  and so on…as long as time allows … From this little box

The invitation to study the bible is STILL open  😉

Read  Ephesians 5  , giving strong attention to verses 15,16 and 17.

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