The Hard Consequences of Sin

In addition to the consequences that Ken lists here , this type situation is a direct consequence of a culture that doesn’t call sin what it is – SIN. When we use terms like “hook up or fling” , it doesn’t quite sound that menacing. Imagine how different this situation might have been if the terms didn’t sound quite so appealing?
Yes- thank God his grace , mercy and forgiveness when we sin – but let us not forget that while those flow freely from HIM – consequences still remain here.
– Keith



Zach Anderson is in court today. Again. It’s the last place his parents, Les and Amanda Anderson, ever thought their 19-year-old son would be.

Zach is described as a “typical teen-ager. He’s into computers and wants to build a career around his love for electronics.” But his plans for the future are banished. At least for now.

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